How to use the Pillow library in Python

Pillow is a powerful, open-source Python image processing library. It can be used to manipulate, create, and edit images in a variety of formats.

To use Pillow, you must first install it. The easiest way to install Pillow is through pip:

pip install Pillow

Once Pillow is installed, you can import it into your Python script:

import PIL

Now you can start using Pillow’s functions and classes. For example, to open an image file and display it, you can use the Image class:

from PIL import Image

img =‘image.jpg’)

The Pillow library also provides a wide range of image processing functions, such as resizing, cropping, rotation, and more. For example, to resize an image you can use the resize() method:

img =‘image.jpg’)
img = img.resize((200,200))

For more information on how to use Pillow, please refer to the official documentation.