How to use regular expressions in Python

Regular expressions in Python can be used with the re module. To use regular expressions in Python, you must first import the re module:

import re

Once imported, you can create a regular expression object with the re.compile() function. This object can then be used to match strings or search for patterns using the re.match() and functions.

For example, to match a string with a regular expression, you can use the re.match() function:

match = re.match(r”Hello [A-Z]w+”, „Hello World”)

The above code will match the string „Hello World” with the regular expression „Hello [A-Z]w+”.

You can also use the function to search for patterns in a string:

search =”d+”, „The number is 42”)

The above code will search for a pattern of one or more digits in the string „The number is 42”.