How to use the Pyperclip library in Python

The Pyperclip library is a cross-platform Python module for copying and pasting text to and from the clipboard. It is a simple and convenient way to transfer text between applications.

To use the Pyperclip library, first you must install it. To do this, open a terminal window and type:

pip install pyperclip

This will install the Pyperclip library onto your system.

Once the library is installed, you can then use it in your Python code. To copy text to the clipboard, use the copy() function. For example:

import pyperclip

pyperclip.copy(‘This is the text to be copied.’)

This will copy the text to the clipboard.

To paste text from the clipboard, use the paste() function. For example:

text = pyperclip.paste()

This will paste the text from the clipboard into the variable text.

You can also use the Pyperclip library to copy and paste images and other binary data. For more information, please refer to the official documentation.