How to use the Pyautogui library in Python

Pyautogui is a Python library that allows you to automate mouse and keyboard actions. It can be used to automate tasks such as clicking, typing, and scrolling.

To use Pyautogui, you must first install it. This can be done by running the command pip install pyautogui in your terminal.

Once installed, you can import the library into your program by using the command import pyautogui.

From there, you can use the various functions provided by Pyautogui to automate mouse and keyboard actions. For example, you can use the moveTo() function to move the mouse cursor to a specific location on the screen, or the click() function to simulate a mouse click.

You can find detailed documentation for the Pyautogui library on its official website. This documentation will provide you with a comprehensive overview of all the features available in the library.