How to do SEO for YouTube

1. Optimize Your Channel: Make sure your YouTube channel is optimized for search. This includes filling out your channel profile with relevant information, creating custom thumbnails, and using keywords in your channel name and description.

2. Use Keywords in Your Video Titles and Descriptions: Use keywords in your video titles and descriptions to help people find your videos. Make sure to use relevant keywords and phrases that people might use when searching for your videos.

3. Create Playlists: Create playlists to organize your videos and make them easier to find. You can also use keywords in the playlist titles and descriptions to help people find them.

4. Interlink Your Videos: Link to other videos in your channel to help viewers find more of your content. This will also help YouTube understand the context of your videos and suggest them to viewers.

5. Promote Your Videos: Share your videos on social media, embed them on your website, and use other promotional tactics to get more views and subscribers.

6. Use End Screens and Cards: Use end screens and cards to promote other videos and playlists, and to link to external websites.

7. Leverage YouTube Ads: Consider using YouTube Ads to promote your videos and get more views.